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Dental Crowns


 As we get a little older, our teeth are more prone to decay and fracture.  If you have undergone root canal therapy, or if tooth decay and /or damage are so extensive that veneers, composite bonding or other conservative treatments aren't an option, then the dentist will consult with you about dental crowns.

There are many causes that could contribute to a tooth needing a crown, including teeth grinding, decay, cracked or failing fillings, fracture, root canals, and many others.  A dental crown may be used to protect a cracked tooth, restore functionality of a tooth with excessive decay or replace a pre-existing filling or crown that is beyond repair with a filling material. This type of restoration will increase tooth durability, cosmetic appearance, and overall support of the chewing function.

Dentists today have a variety of conservative restorative treatment options. Dr. Melucci will explore and discuss any of these viable options before selecting the full coverage crown treament.



When we have decided to go ahead with a full crown restoration, we will set aside 2-3 appointments for the entire process. Although the majority of crowns are completed in two visits, there is sometimes a need for a third visit to ensure a proper fit. The procedure begins with the removal of all decay in the tooth.Once we have removed the decay, we will take an impression of the tooth. This impression will be sent to our lab where your new restoration will be crafted. While this new tooth is created, we will provide you with a temporary restoration. Our temporary restorations will resemble your natural teeth so that you can continue with your daily life without worrying about a missing or incompatible tooth. During your second visit to the office, we will proceed with the placement of your final restoration. This crown will be fitted comfortably into the mouth. We will make every effort to ensure that the new tooth feels exactly like one of your natural teeth. The final step in the process is to cement the crown into your mouth, leaving you with a beautifully restored smile.

Types of Crowns


If we decide that you are in need of a full crown, there are a few different options for the repair of your tooth. These options include an all porcelain ceramic crown, porcelain fused to metal (or gold crown), or an all gold crown. We will make the determination as to which of these options is the most appropriate for your situation. You can be comfortable in knowing that your new tooth meets the clinical demands at hand; esthetic demands, strength requirements, material durability and restorative space available, as determined by Dr. Melucci and you.


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